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Deutsch: Na Klar

Deutsch: Na Klar
Deutsch: Na Klar! gives students everything they need to build a solid foundation in Introductory German, with its unique integration of authentic materials and targeted listening and speaking activities, contemporary culture and communicative building blocks.
The Eighth Edition, available with Connect and LearnSmart, builds on the hallmark features of this program that support the core goals of the Introductory German course:
-A flexible approach that immerses students in German language and culture, designed to suit a wide variety of teaching styles, methodologies, and classrooms. -Engaging video interviews on a variety of chapter topics featuring speakers from varying backgrounds. -An emphasis on culture through a rich array of authentic visual and textual materials with accompanying activities and exercises. -Succinct grammar explanations practiced and reinforced by a wealth of exercises and activities. -A commitment to the balanced development of both receptive skills (listening and reading) and productive skills (speaking and writing).-Abundant communicative activities, from controlled to open-ended as well as many form-focused activities and exercises. -The promotion of meaningful acquisition of vocabulary and structures with considerable attention to accuracy.
Loose Leaf
Publication Date: 
January 2, 2019